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The location 5-13-1, Higashimoncho, Imabari-shi, Ehime wisteria Grand Imabari SC
Business hours 24 hours a day, every day
Contents All 66 seats of / net number 73 / printout pay service / comics approximately 40,000 / darts/Equipped with / membership system /Wi-Fi which there is billiards two / ball three / credit, the iD settlement in
Access Is a car than Imabari Station; five minutes. wisteria Grand 1F (cinema sunshine immediate bottom)

☆Shower room introduction☆
It is Imabari-shi only Internet cafe. I come by the telephone reservation of the seat. A phone number: 0898-24-7371.
Open 24 hours. Always without holiday. A parking lot, bicycle parking lot free of charge are available for 24 hours. All rooms private room, equipped with shower room
There are table tennis, billiards, the dart, too. A food and drink carry-on is possible, and going out is possible

The carry-on in the bicycle shop is possible and rents a carrying battery charger free. I wait for a visit on Shimanami Kaido vertical section.

  Base rate Three hours pack Pack night for five hours Six hours pack Ten hours
Night pack
Time in 24 hours 19:00~6:00 24 hours 19:00~3:00
Business seat First 30 minutes /260 yen
Afterward 15 minutes 105 yen
980 yen 1,180 yen 1,580 yen 1,780 yen
Seat to recline
Business pair seat
Business VIP seat
Flat seat
Massage seat
Pair sofa seat
Pair flat seat
Table tennis
First 30 minutes /290 yen
Afterward 15 minutes 105 yen
1,150 yen 1,280 yen 1,750 yen 1,980 yen
  • Entrance
  • Counter
  • The shop
  • The shop
  • Flat seat
  • Business seat
  • Business VIP seat
  • Massage seat
  • Seat to recline
  • Billiards
  • Table tennis
  • Dart